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If you need personal life coaching, we can help! Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our amazing life coaches!

Career Building

We support people in making informed decisions about their career development and trajectory, as well as offer various tools you can use to meet your goals!

Helping You Achieve Success

Life Coach Colorado Springs

Part of this human existence is to progress, but sometimes we hit some roadblocks along the way. If you are having such a stumble, then welcome to Life Coach Colorado Springs, where we can help you learn how to overcome obstacles in your goal-making. Here, life coaching Colorado Springs can provide you with the tools and methods you need to make plans and achieve goals.

We offer a wide selection of life coaching topics, including career coach Colorado Springs, business coach Colorado Springs, and coaching for your own personal life. No matter what your goal may be, we can help you achieve the persistence and confidence needed in order to reach your life aspirations

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Personal life coaching

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About Life Coach Colorado Springs

We do not expect you to act without any information about how we can best assist you, and we want you to feel absolute trust in our ability to make your dreams a reality. Our first priority is always our customers, and this entails a variety of responsibilities. You will find with Life Coach Colorado Springs that we take this responsibility seriously because we will treat you the way you deserve to be treated-- with the utmost respect and dignity.

Life Coach Colorado Springs has a great focus on confidentiality, upward movements, and integrity. We want you to feel secure in opening up your life to us, and we take great lengths to ensure this. Additionally, we are always wanting to improve and grow, which means that we can provide you with the best help possible. And of course, Life Coach Colorado Springs will ensure that you will always feel that you are on the path of success in your goals.

Our life coaches have the best tools and knowledge available in goal achieving. They attend the most important up to date conferences and trainings so you can rest assured that you are in excellent hands. We have chosen our life coaches according to their extensive experience and empathy so you may feel understood and uplifted at all times as we move forward with you in your journey.

Why Choose Us?

Our company has always made our customers first priority. We understand that when life gets tough, we need to stick together to weather such storms.Time and time again throughout history, as people have gathered together, great changes ensued. And we want you to have a similar experience.

Where some agencies might leave you feeling a little empty, Life Coach Colorado Springs will help you feel satisfied with the service with which you have received. Your time is precious, and we desire that you may feel that reassurance.

Life Coach Colorado Springs:

  • Has extensive knowledge on the most up to date tools and methods to help you achieve your goals. We can guarantee you knowledge that will last you a lifetime.
  • Has values that have been instilled in us over time that are in alignment with your own.
  • Has a long history with the community of Colorado Springs and as such, understands what you may be going through economically, personally, geographically, and so on.
  • Can offer security and stability so you may rest assured that we are there for you.
  • Offers a free estimate and consultation when you contact us so you don’t feel unsure about what is part of the life coach process.

Customer Testimonials

“This was a fun experience, and wasn’t out of my budget. I wanted to improve in my job, but I also felt that I learned a lot about budgeting because I wanted to continue receiving help. These people really do work with you, no matter what situation you may be in.”

Stacey L

“Although my time with Life Coach Colorado Springs was short, I always felt that I was really being listened to. Even over the phone conversations were engaging.”

Gerald B.

“So much of the advice that I was given was so helpful! I felt successful just from the moment I implemented the first method my coach suggested.”

Alice W.

Services Offered by Life Coaching Colorado Springs

There is nothing simple about human lives, so we have provided categories that are broad enough that your complex lives will fit into any of the molds. Our services include a life coach for women or men in the following categories:

health and wellness coaching colorado springs

Physical Coaching

Physical coaching includes not just the body, but also your physical surroundings. Are you wanting to create a more pleasing environment that you can more easily thrive in? Or possibly you might be wanting to create better eating habits so you have greater energy through the day? Then a physical coach will be able to address such needs.

colorado springs career coach and colorado springs executive coaching

Career Coaching

Whether you are looking for your career or have been in your field for a while, a career coach Colorado Springs can help you thrive. A career coach can help you find your passion and even help you make goals towards a promotion so you can feel more secure in your profession.

colorado springs business coach, colorado springs leadership coach

Business Executive/Leadership Coaching

If you are looking for improving either your business skills or your business in general, a leadership coach or a business coach will be the best fit for you. Business’ sometimes need a lot of help in lifting off the ground or maintaining their revenue and we can help you with achieving a better business.

colorado springs spiritual life coach

Spiritual Coaching

Feeling a balance with your surroundings is important, but so is feeling a balance within yourself. Spiritual coaching can give you the opportunity to feel more in touch with yourself so you may achieve feelings of peace, despite the possible turmoil that surrounds you

colorado springs mental health coach

Mental Health Coaching

Sometimes the most difficult part about life could be having the mental health to be driven towards improving your life. A mental health coach will give you the tools and guidance you need to overcome the obstacles you may be facing mentally. They can help set you free because you will have the knowledge you need.

colorado springs family coaching, colorado springs relationship coaching

Family/Relationship Life Coaching

Family connections are universally important, but over time can become strained. Maintaining such relations can be difficult, however is not entirely impossible. Likewise, having a healthy friend circle is important to human connection. Life coaching services such as a relationship coach can help bridge such gaps.

What to Expect From Us?

We want you to always feel a clear direction not just for yourself, but from us. Whether your question is “How to find a life coach?”, “What is the next step?”, or “How do I find the best life coaches?”, you will always have a clear answer from us. Decisions for life can be complex, and we want to keep things simple by offering you everything you need.

A lifecoach is a professional friend who will help you find tools and methods that work best for you. They will have suggestions and guidance that can be specific enough that it is personalized for you, yet broad enough that they can be applied to other areas of your life as well. And if there is ever a time where you do not feel that you click with your life coach, or that the lifecoaching itself is not going as planned or preferred, we can guarantee flexibility so we can find what fits best for you.

When you first contact our office, we want to understand what goal you are aiming for so we are all on the same page of your life. We will then provide you with a list of our coaches, their specialties, and some basic information about their personal lives so you can make an informed decision. From the point on, you and your chosen life coach will work together in making plans towards your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a spiritual life coach the same as a religious life coach?

Our spiritual life coaches, although possibly religious, will not use their religion as an influencer in your spiritual goals. There will be no pressing of any sort of religion, rather a guidance for becoming more intune with yourself.

Is there such a thing as a free life coach?

Although we offer a free consultation when you first contact us, we do not offer free life coaches. In order to ensure that you have the best information and guidance possible, there is a fee so our coaches can obtain such tools and methods.

I need to find a life coach. How do I know for sure that there is a life coach near me?

If you are in the Colorado Springs community, we can guarantee that you will have a life coach accessible wherever you may be.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a certified individual who has tools, resources, and methods that help individuals and groups achieve goals-- both personal and professional. Our life coaches have both the experience and certification that can give you the best steps towards your goals.

Can I become a life coach?

With the proper licensing you can become a life coach. We do not provide any services such as licensing, but feel free to talk to any of our life coaches for advice and beginning direction if you want to head towards that career.

About Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, also known as “Olympic City USA” or “The Springs”, has a rich history in sports. Not only is it the center of 24 national sports governing bodies (including the US Olympic Committee, the US Olympic Training Center, and USA Hockey), but is Colorado’s second most populated city. It is near the base of Pikes Peak, which is on the eastern edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

This beautiful city was voted in 2017 as the second most desirable place to live in the United States and then in 2018 became the foremost favored place to live by U.S. News. With a population of approximately 473,000 residents, Colorado Springs has a median household income of $65,000. The top three largest ethnic groups are Causasian (66.7%), Hispanic (10.2%), and African American (6.54%).

Some cities surrounding Colorado Springs are:

Some other surrounding cities are:

  1. Cimarron Hills, CO
  2. Black Forest, CO
  3. Woodmoor, CO
  4. Monument, CO
  5. Gleneagle, CO
  6. Stratmoor, CO
  7. Manitou Springs, CO
  8. Palmer Lake, CO
  9. And Surrounding Areas..

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We can work together to help improve your personal and professional life, but it all starts with the first step. And that step is contacting us! We will help you feel like a valued member the moment you call and we ensure that we will put forth our best efforts to help make your goals become your reality.

At Life Coach Colorado Springs, you can have peace and confidence to know that you will be well taken care of. Regardless of what stage you are in life, you can receive all the help you will need to your future accomplishments. Take the first step in your journey now, and let us be a part of it.

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